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Set of 20 Cross Country Fences



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Please Note : All Cross Country Fences are 8ft wide

2 in 1 Tiger Cage Medium (2ft + 2ft3")/ Kennel 2ft 3" / Pheasant Feeder 2ft / Picnic Table 2ft / Cottage 2ft 6"

X Rails 2ft 3" / Sharks Teeth 2ft 3" / Hay Rack 3ft / Arrow Head 2ft6" / Tiger Trap 3ft / 1/2 Log Roll 2ft 9" / Shelter 2ft 9" / Diagonal Corner 2ft 9" /

 Display Spread 2ft 9" / Log Wall 2ft 9" / Sheep Feeder 3ft / Trakehner 3ft / Chair 3ft / Workbench 3ft / Tiger Trap 3ft 

Changes in Height or Design of XC Fences is Possible upon Request


All fences are built to competition standard, the wood used is tantalised treated and kiln dried. No nails are used  in construction and all screws are exterior zinc plated. All edges are planned or sanded to ensure a strongly made product with durability in mind.


Heights available

(3” increments)

Widths available


1’6"  to 3’6”

8’    10’    12’


10ft and 12ft fences typically come in 2 sections.  If you so not see a design that you like please contact us and we can make it for you, 6ft wide options are also available.

These show jumps are part of our complete range including cross country jumps, timber show jumps, horse jumps, plastic show jumps, jump fillers, gates, show jumps pole range. Suitable for competitions, equestrian show jumping, riding clubs or home use.