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Combi Collector 3 in 1 Machine


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 The fantastic new all in one Combi Collector.

Lawn mower / field topper and Muck collector.
This is a new patented all in one Combi Collector.

Look at what it will do:

1. Its a grass topper.
Flail top your field (including rough thistles,docks)

2. Its a finishing mower.
Mow your front lawn (stripped fine cut down to 1/2")

3. Its a dung collector.
Collect the largest stools from your field.

4. Its a pasture conditioner.
Thistle/ ragwort/ dock seeds sucked up & removed. Roll and harrow your paddock at the same time in the one pass.

5. Its a zero grazer & forage collector.
Feed directly from your paddock to livestock (note horses require long stalked roughage not lawn cuttings or mowings)

6. Its a dung collector.
Your entire paddock cleaned fast(even the biggest dry stools)

7. Its a leaf litter collector.
Leaves from driveways using vortex with cutter deck in up position.

Almost any terrain cutting up to two feet high such as in orchards and between plantings.

Has wheel height adjusters for desired cut length & rear roller for grass conditioning.

Special vortex blowing system compacts cutting into hopper. Hopper tipps up to seven feet high to fill tall trailers, composters or over field gate or fence with ease or place in high deep litter piles.

The combi "replaces your field topper"

Replaces your finishing mower

Replaces your dung collector

Removes all spoil and waste to chosen location for composting or for feeding.

Makes great mulch for re-use in gardens

Pre chops dung for speedier breakdown and faster maturing of manure

This is the new block buster combi implement we have all been waiting for at a price that is affordable.

Mobility approved

Our combi collector is the only agri machine we know of that qualifies for mobility grants and relief from vat for disabled persons. This is due to its revolutionary design that achieves such ease of use and complete replacement of implements which are simply too heavy or awkward to be lifted and operated by many people. Even if not disabled you owe it to your back to let the combi collector do the work.

It fits all tractors cat one links from 20hp to 60 hp. The method of cut is by flail. The method of collection is by air vortex. The cuttings are compacted in a hydraulic tipping hopper. The flails and vortex can collect the largest horse dung from fields and leaves from driveways.