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One of the most useful implements for your compact tractor is the angle grader, it can be used with the tractor moving forwards or backwards, the grader blade is fully reversible and can be angled to discharge material to either side.
For levelling the the blade is drawn forwards whilst set at an angle spilling spare material to the side, this is also useful for snow clearing.

For back filling holes or clearing earth simply reverse the blade and bulldoze the material using the tractor in reverse.

The grader is ideal for tractors up to 45HP and is suitable for levelling all types of loose material including sand, soil, stone, bark and mixed aggregates as used in horse manège etc.

The grader blade can be offset to either side of the tractor for ease of use along walls fences etc.

1.2 / 1.5 and 1.8 metre graders.... Blades swivel 360 and angles on pin. Hi Carbon steel bottom scrapping bladeRear of blade strengthening bar, cat one link pins to fit most tractors.Weight from 90 kilos upwards depending on size.