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DrivePro 4x4 Auto Plough 2.0 Metre



England/Wales: £48.00
Scotland: £48.00
Highlands: £48.00

All prices include VAT


  • Compact, rugged light weight snow plough (123kg)
  • Blade depth 55cm with replaceable steel cutting edge
  • 2 m working width (straight) 1.8m working width (angled)
  • Heavy duty spring trip blade protection system
  • Auto angling system -left and right with left and right manual locking
  • Quick attach in 30 seconds with QuickAttach50 system
  • Integrated storage/mounting wheels
  • Fully remote electro/hydraulic raise and lower operation from cab


  • Please seek independent advice before using on the highway

Clearing Your Drive Has Never Been Easier Or Faster

  • Pull one handle to remove the moldboard from the vehicle.
  • Let's face it, you have better things to do with your day than clearing your drive. However, it's a job that must be done—usually before anything else can be done! So do it fast, do it right and do it from the comfort of your pick-up or SUV with the Drive Pro, our residential-use snow plow.
  • The Meyer Drive Pro is an easy-to-use, fully functional steel snowplow operated from the comfort of your vehicle. Unlike other residential snowplows, the Drive Pro goes up, down, right or left with the push of a button. The Drive Pro attaches or detaches in well under a minute with the pull of one handle; and once attached, you don't need to leave the vehicle to angle the plow. Drive Pro's use Meyer's EZ Mount Plus mounting systems.
  • Clean appearance when not attached.
  • Remote control from inside the cab.

Fits Most Light-duty Vehicles

  • Drive Pro Mounts are available for today's most popular light duty & 1/2 ton pickups and full size SUVs.

It May Be Small, But It's Tough

  • With the Drive Pro, you get professional results from your own personal snow plow. Weighing just 405 pounds with the mounting bracket, the Drive Pro is made with the same heavy-duty rams and hydraulic system as our full-sized commercial plows. Expect nothing less than the best with the Meyer Drive Pro.

Solid As A ROC

  • In the snowplowing business, downtime is not an option, that's why the Meyer Drive Pro is built using Reliable Over-time Construction (ROC)… the detailed things we do to make our plows more rugged and reliable. ROC is the result of manufacturing improvements and state-of-the-art technology combined with stringent quality control procedures.
  1. Slot & Tab Construction* A strong and more precise way to fit steel together
  2. Robotically-Welded Seams & Cross-Sections* State-of-the-art robotic welders never get tired and never make a mistake
  3. Triple-Layer Waterproof Seals Three times the waterproofing protection of most plow seals
  4. Heavy-Duty Trip Springs Heavier gauge and more efficient design yield the longest service life in the industry
  5. Sealed Coils & Connectors Reduces debilitating corrosion of electrical system and mechanical parts
  6. DURA-SLICK™ Paint System Automotive style paint with Teflon® baked on to the steel for durability and better snow-rolling action (Poly Moldboards not included)
  7. Heavy-Duty Rams Thicker walls on rams for added strength
  8. Patented Single-Piece Power Plug Patented one-connector design means fewer wires and connecting points to fail
  9. Easy Access Grease Points Easily accessible grease points at high-wear areas
  10. Single-Piece Cross-over Relief requires no adjustment and provides greater reliability
  11. Custom Molded Hydraulic Cover Standard on E-58 units. Protects from salt and road grime for improved reliability
  • *Applies to select Meyer moldboards.

Go from work truck to family truck in seconds!

  • Ideal for both personal and professional use, EZ-Mount Plus makes it easy to turn your work truck into your everyday truck, thanks to its one-part system. The lift frame, lights, hydraulic power system and moldboard are combined as one unit. That's why the Drive Pro's EZ-Mount Plus mounting system conveniently attaches or detaches in well under a minute, and leaves the vehicle with an off-the-assembly-line appearance when not attached. Unlike competitors who have up to three electrical plugs, the EZ-Mount Plus system features just one patented plug to connect/disconnect. And the Drive Pro features an integrated jack-stand that automatically adjusts to the terrain and size of the truck.
  • Patented single plug connect/disconnect

Pre-drilled Deflector Holes, Another Meyer Improvement

All Drive, Lot and Road Pro moldboards are manufactured with pre-drilled holes making it easy to add a snow deflector, eliminating time when adding this important safety feature. Since they are pre-drilled at the factory, the holes are sealed with Dura-Slick paint to help prevent rust.

Reliable and Responsive Operation

  • The driving force behind every Meyer snowplow is a reliable and responsive hydraulic system. Triple-layered sealed coils and connectors virtually eliminate corrosion and moisture often found in electrical and mechanical systems. And unlike competitive systems, all Meyer hydraulic systems ship standard with custom-molded covers to help protect the units from road salt and grime.

ROC Solid Warranty

  • Meyer is proud to offer the industry's best warranty coverage on complete plow systems with an online registration:
  • 3 YEARS on all components.*
  • 5 YEARS on all structural steel*

Hands-Free Plowing. Only Meyer Has It!

  • Meyer pistol grip and joystick controllers feature a Hands-Free Plowing (HFP) mode. When activated HFP uses the shift level to control the up/down movement of the blade.

Controller Options

  • The pistol grip controller comes standard with Meyer plows and features back-lit buttons to easily control all functions of the plow with the push of one button. On the backside of the controller are diagnostic instructions that make trouble-shooting easier. If the pistol grip is not your style, Meyer also offers optional joystick and touchpad controllers with the same easy-to-use features and diagnostics. See 'accessories' for a variety of controller mounting options.

Better Lights for Better Sight

It's hard to plow what you can't see, so all Meyer snowplows come with dual halogen Nite Saber® Lights. Or you can upgrade to the popular Nite Saber® II Lights. Night Saber II lights are fully adjustable and iso-mounted to resist vibration. Nite Saber IIs feature easy-to-replace dual halogen bulbs and wrap-around turn signals.

How much snow will the DrivePro™ handle?

  • TheDrivePro™ is designed to handle up to 8" to 10" of snow, but keep in mind, even at the professional level, the vehicle you drive and condition of the snow will determine how much snow your plough can remove. Snow conditions often vary due to the weather conditions which can affect the density of snow. In addition, snow consistency can change over time. As with any snow clearing device, the quicker the snow is removed DURING the storm, the easier snow is to manage. It is important to remember, plough WITH the storm, not after it!

What if the plough hits something when ploughing?

  • The DrivePro™ is designed to "trip" when the plough comes into contact with an object or obstacle. The tripping action allows the plough to tilt/spring forward and glide over the obstacle. Once the plough is over the obstacle it automatically returns to the plough position. The "trip" action allows the plough to automatically detect the obstacle and pass over it without damaging the vehicle.

What is back-dragging?

  • Back-dragging is a snowplough technique that allows the plough to operate when the vehicle is in reverse. This technique is often use to clear snow in front of a garage door or is frequently done on the second push or pass.

How fast can I plough?

  • The maximum ploughing speed is 5 mph. The DrivePro™ is designed for Home-owner use and is not intended for commercial applications; ploughing over the maximum allowable speed will place added stress on the plough which can lead to poor performance and may damage the plough and/or mounting system.

Can you upgrade the Auto Angling Drive Pro to Power Angling?

  • No, the Power Angling version requires a completely different operating system which will not work with the Auto Angling model.

What if I want to over-ride the Auto Angling Feature?

  • Simple. The Auto Angling model comes with a standard locking pin that allows the operator to lock the unit in full right or left position when/if needed.

What are snow shoes and what do they do?

  • Shoes are mounted on the back of the blade, (a.k.a., moldboard) and allow the operator to create a space/gap between the cutting edge and ground. The shoes actually engage the surface as opposed to the cutting edge. This space/gap is sometimes needed depending on the surface being ploughed. Gravel roads, pavers, and/or special decorative driveways are examples where shoes may be utilized.

What can I do if the unit stops lifting the plough up and down?

  • The DrivePro is designed to allow the end-user to transport the vehicle in any emergency situation. The operator simply raises the moldboard creating slack in the chain. The chain is set in the lowest position thus securing the plough safely above the ground ready to transfer to the nearest service location.

Can I install the DrivePro™ myself?

  • Yes. Installation is simple and the easy to read pictorial instructions are intuitive. Typically, the front mount hitch can be installed in under an hour depending on experience level. The actual plough attaches in minutes with NO drilling required.

How difficult is it to wire the product to my vehicle?

  • Very easy. The DrivePro™ is powered by the battery. Simply hook the DrivePro™ wires to the positive and negative terminals and you're done, no splicing or cutting required.

How much maintenance is required?

  • Very little maintenance. The operator needs to periodically check the hydraulic oil level, make sure there is adequate dielectric grease on the plug connectors. Annually, spring tension should be checked, make sure all connections are tight and cutting edge is within operational tolerance.

I already have a Front Receiver Hitch can I use it?

  • The DrivePro™ is designed to work with a Category 3, 2" front receiver hitch. There are many manufacturers that make Category 3, 2" hitches. The DrivePro™ is designed to operate on OEM original equipment specifications. Vehicles that have been altered with aftermarket equipment may not meet these requirements.

I see DrivePro™ recommends Curt Hitches, is there a reason for this?

  • The DrivePro™ is designed to work with any Cat 3, 2" hitch. However, there are certain applications that require various extensions either up/down or inboard/outboard due to the vehicle bumper design or vehicle height. In this case Curt includes the proper extension with the mounting. All Curt Hitches ordered from Meyer will include any required hitch

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DrivePro 4x4 Auto Plough 2.0 Metre

DrivePro 4x4 Auto Plough 2.0 Metre

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