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This section is for RDA Groups only and provides information on all the RDA approved show jumps Range.


If you're an RDA Group - Download your brochure now by clicking on the green button.






March 2018


Tel: 01777 948 009 or 07795 420 739





This brochure details a full range of show jumping products put together for the RDA Groups. There is a section detailing stands and blocks, jump poles, wings, jump sets and options for graphics. To enquire or order these products contact

Ray Ingles on 07795 420 739.


RDA members should quote Ref “RDA111” when calling and ordering items, so that a preferential service can be provided to you. Additional show jumping full size wings and products can be provided found at:-


Level 1 and 2 . Jumping height in these levels are up to 2ft. The “stands and blocks” are ideal for this, a minimum of 10ft wide poles are recommended and design option can be selected below. All poles proposed below are medium weight professional poles.


Level 3. Jumping height is 2ft and above with a minimum of 10ft wide poles.


The “jumps sets” below can all be set at a height below 2ft, some include higher wings than other so you will need to consider this when choosing jumps. All Jumps have been recommended by the RDA, and 10ft poles “medium” weight poles should be used and all sets have been priced to include these types of poles.


With the introduction of Showjumping, as a core RDA discipline in May 2011, has come a stream of enquiries from our Groups, wanting us to recommend a supplier of high quality, well priced horse jumps. We are delighted to announce that Horse Jumps For Sale has stepped up to the mark with their well-designed show jumps range with 10’ medium weight poles. These have been tried and tested and can be ordered online using promotional code: RDA111 in order to receive preferential prices in many cases and preferred delivery rates.” 







Pair of Maxi Jumps

The unique three sided design makes these jumps flexible, easy to use and ideal for training. Link these together to make courses - two pairs can make three jumps. Top jumping height 3’6”. Sold in pairs.




Per pair





Pair of Mini Stands

Ideal for beginners and lunging or combine with a pair of Maxis to create a corner or an arrowhead. Sold in pairs. Top jumping height 2’6”.





Per pair





Polyjump Block (Single)

This jumping block offers various support heights and stacking combinations. Can be used on three angles to create different heights. An extremely versatile training system with a variety of uses: elevated trotting poles, grid-work, show +jump fillers, obstacles in pony club games, etc. No sharp edges and light enough for the children to handle. Size: 66cm x 46cmm x 30cm (2’2” x 1.6’x 1’)








Multijump (Single)

A popular choice with everyone, it is extremely multifunctional, offering numerous support heights and jump combinations. A jumping height of up to 3' can be obtained using a standard 4" jump pole. This best selling block is an established training aid, ideal for grid-work, a valuable aid for lunging and free schooling. In addition it has two pole positions on the inside for elevated trotting poles. Extremely versatile, light, easy to manoeuvre around and with no sharp edges you cannot afford to be without them!
Size: 84cm x 61cm x 30.5cm. (2’9” x 2’ x 1’)










Parallel Block (Single)

Three height block, with a top jumping height of 2’6”, can hold two poles to create a small parallel. Size: 65cm x 45cm x 28cm

(2’2” x 1’6” x 11”)









Maxi Jump Cup (Each)

Used with the Jump Minis and Maxis, designed to take both poles and fillers or planks. 











Pro-Jump Block (Single)

Perfect for beginners with a top jumping height of 2’. Useful also as fillers. Dual height. Size: 35cm x 35cm x 58cm (1’2” x 1’2” x 1’11”)









Combi Block (Single)

 The ultimate jumping block.. A Wing…. Jacob's Ladder... A Tiger Trap...
"The most versatile jump block on the market today"
95 jump cup options offering endless jump combinations.
Size: Maximum height 1.30m (4' 3")
Maximum spread 1.52m (5')






Per piece



All poles are manufactured from a blend of UPVC polymers and with added elastomer, making them shatterproof and virtually unbreakable. The materials are also UV stabilised to protect the colour.. All poles have, three, five, seven coloured plastic sleeves. RDA recommend 10ft poles at
medium weight and all jump sets have been priced to included these types of poles.







Pro Polypole 10ft x 4” (3mx10cm) (5Band) medium weight


Pro Polypole 10ft x 4” (3mx10cm) (7Band) medium weight













Mini Intro Set

Create more variety with this set, five jumps or four including a spread. Includes 2 pairs Mini, pair of Blocks, pair of Parallel Blocks, 3 pairs of Cups and 6 x 10ft medium weight 5 band poles.








Triple Maxi Set -pink

Create a stunning triple with this set, or interlink together to get more jumps for your money - also includes blocks to be used as fillers. Includes 3 pair Maxi jumps, 2 pairs Jump Blocks, 7 x medium weight 5 band Poles and 6 pairs Jump cups. Great Value of flexibility of design options











Pair of Blocks and 1 x 3 band Pole with medium weight pole










Pair Parallel Blocks and 2x3 Band Poles with medium weight pole







Children’s Full Jump One

This children’s jump comes with 2 x 1mtr rainbow stands, 2 x medium weight 10ft poles & 4 cups. You can choose either

1pole colour 10ft

5 band colour 10ft










Pair Mini's 2 x 5 10ft Band Poles & 2 Pairs Cups

Excellent starter set, easy to move around, our best seller.










Pair of Sloping Blocks & 3 x triple band 10ft








Double Block set

Includes 2 pairs of Blocks and 3 x triple band medium weight 10ft poles










Children’s Full Jump Three

This children’s jump comes with 2 x 1mtr rainbow stands, 1 x 10ft medium weight multi colour poles, 1 x10 ft hanging filler and 4 cups.












Mini Block Set

Includes 4 x 5-Band Propoles 10FT x4” with pack of 6 Mini Blocks
Poles: The pole used in this pack is our professional pole, suitable for both children and adults to use. Size: 10' x 4" (3m x 10cm),












Pair Maxi's, 2 x 5 Band Poles, 1 x medium weight Pole, 3 Pairs of Cups








Junior Jump Set:


POLYJUMP BLOCK (pair), MULTIJUMP (pair) 3 x medium 10ft polypoles . Optional plank in picture with variety graphics (sharks teeth or brick wall) extra


£229.00 set

Excluding plank





Children’s Full Jump Four

This children’s jump comes with 2 x 1mtr Wings, 2 x 10ft medium weight multi colour poles, 1 x hanging & 6 cups.










Pair Jump Maxi's, Pair of Extensions, 3 x 5 Band Poles, 1 x medium weight Pole, 4 x Pairs Cups. The extensions make the jump wings 6ft high.









Maxi Intro Set

A great intro set for horses, can be linked together to create up to five jumps.  Includes 3 pairs of Maxi, 5 pairs of Cups, 6 x 10ft medium weight 5 band poles








Starter Set (4fence)




8 medium weight 10ft POLYPOLES 10 X 4”















Competition Set of 6

This set can help you build up your competitive edge.  Use the blocks as fillers, or in front of Maxis to create larger spreads.  Can make up to 10 jumps with this set.  Includes 4 pairs of Maxi, 10 pairs of cups, 2 pairs Sloping Blocks, 2 pair of Extensions, 2 pairs of Blocks, 6 medium weight Poles and 10 x 5 band Poles









Maxi Spread Set

Want to start practising that higher jump ready for competition then this is the set for you.  Includes 2 pair of Maxi, 1 pair of Economy Stand, 2 pair of Sloping Blocks and 7 pairs of Cups, 10 x 5 Band Poles and 3 medium weight Poles



















Manufactured from elastomer polymer which is extremely tough and durable. A variety of options on planks is available; blank, one side graphics or both sided graphics. Personalisation may be ordered separately.




Polyplank 10ft – Size: Size: 3m x 240 mm (10' x 9.5"). Weight: 12 kg each

10ft Blank -

10ft One sided Graphic -

10ft Both sides Graphic -








Per piece

















Hanging Ladder Filler

 This popular show jump filler design is available in a variety of sizes and colours. Choose from: White, Red, Royal Blue, Bright Blue, Racing Green, Bright Green, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Gold, Black, Brown, Orange, Burgundy.



2.3m x 45cm(10’x1’5”)

3m x 65cm(10’x2’)









Standing Ladder Filler

 This popular show jump filler design is available in a variety of sizes and colours. Choose from: White, Red, Royal Blue, Bright Blue, Racing Green, Bright Green, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Gold, Black, Brown, Orange, Burgundy.




3m x 45cm(10’x1’5”)

3m x 65cm(10’x2’)












Club Text

Initial (once off) template creation - £40.00. Then add £17.00 - £40.00 to a plank or standing filler. Multiple colour logos may cost more.


RDA show jumps with tel 07795420739 – Ray Ingles Page 6

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