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Flood Water Alarm

Indoor Sensor. Small but loud alarm detects even small amounts of water that is in your property. Giving you peace of mind in that it will detect the entry of flood water, leaking boilers, sinks or even over flowing baths.

Why buy a Water Alarm

  • Advanced flood warning give you valuable time to react
  • Peace of mind
  • Compact size means it convenient to place anywhere within the home

What the Water Alarm can do

The Water Alarm is designed to detect water that comes in contact with the sensors in the devices legs. Standing water is not required for detection – Only a slight dampness is actually necessary. The metal sensors in the legs will actually penetrate slightly into carpeting for better sensitivity. Water that does not come in contact with the sensors cannot be detected.

The Water Alarm is designed to give early warning of leaks and water that could cause damage. It can provide time for you to stop a leak or move valuables before damage occurs.

Where the Water Alarm should be placed

  • Place the Water Alarm level with all 4 legs flat on the surface to e monitored for water
  • Place the Water Alarm in areas where there is a potential for water damage from leakage.

Suggested areas are

  • Near or under washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators and sinks
  • Doors and entrances
  • Under a water bed
  • In the bathroom where toilets, baths, showers and sinks could overflow
  • In the basement where surface water or leaky water lines may cause damage
  • On the floor under potentially leaky pipes
  • By airbricks
  • Water heaters

How to install the battery in the Water Alarm

Match the terminals of 9volt carbon battery (do not use rechargeable batteries) to the connections on the Water alarm. When the terminals are properly matched, push the other end of the battery gently into the base of the Water Alarm.

When the battery is nearing the end of its life, the Water alarm will ‘chirp’ approximately once every 10 minutes. When this occurs, the battery should be replaced as soon as possible. To remove the battery, turn the unit over and gently lift the end of the battery away from the terminals out of the battery compartment. A small screwdriver or knife may be helpful in lifting the battery. Do NOT lift the end with the terminals.

What to do if there is water in your home

  • Identify the source of the water
  • Stop the flow of water immediately if possible
  • Move susceptible items away from dampness into open air
  • Clean up the water as soon as possible

Emergency Water Planning

  • Know the location of the mains water shut off for your business and become familiar with its operation
  • Train your family member/employees in procedures for shut off in case of water leakage
Flood Water Alarm

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Flood Water Alarm

Flood Water Alarm

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